Project overview.

The aim of this project is to investigate and define in context the individual phases of what various peoples were respectively offered as enjoyment and adventure.

To understand how the terms “beauty” and “aesthetics” have changed over time and analyse their value in contemporary society.

What do we actually mean when we talk about “beauty”? What feelings does it trigger in us?

For my thesis, I am trying to collect as many different views and visions relating to the term “aesthetics” as possible.

I am looking for people who want to share their various views, visions and experiences of “aesthetics”.


A drawing, a flower, a colour, a quote, an object, an article, lyric, a picture by your favourite artist, a color scheme, a story, an image, a book, a toy, a song, a drawing, a letter, a postcard, your story, ...

Feel free, to choose the language, central question or the media.

Thank you.

Thank you, for joining this unique and very emotional project.
As a thankyou - I will inform you about your part in the project and will send you all the informaton about the upcoming exhibition.


Contact Info

Kirill Karlin
Schwamendingenstrasse 88
CH-8050 Zurich